Join us as we go ghost hunting at Layer Marney Tower. This is our first visit to this haunted and magnificent location. Visited by Most Haunted and various other groups, we are excited to see what lies in wait for us!


Built in the 1520’s, Layer Marney Tower was built by Henry, Lord Marney in the 1520’s. A Tudor Palace, built as a statement house.

Layer Marney Tower is the tallest Tudor Gatehouse in the country. It has 99 steps to the top and appears to have eight floors, but double windows were built into the Tower, to make it appear to have more floors than it really did.


One of the most prominent ghosts at Layer Marney Tower is that of Lord Henry Marney. The Lord is believed to haunt his former home because he is unhappy that the building was not completed to his liking. He is often seen in the Tower, some visitors have witnessed him dressed in full armor walking down the 96 stairs of the spiral staircase. The ghost of Lord Marney has also been seen in the Towers grounds on horse back in full armor. One of the rooms in the tower is also said to be haunted, workmen have heard doors being slammed, but the only door up there is rusted shut, visitors and staff have seen a cloaked figure outside this door.

A young Victorian dressed woman has been seen in the Towers grounds, she seems agitated as though looking for something or someone. Some years ago the graves of two young children were found in the grounds, the ghost of a former gardener has been seen in this area. There have been numerous accounts over the years of staff and visitors reporting seeing apparitions clothed in Victorian period dress.

Vivian Ray Ellis an Australian spent two years at Layer Marney Tower; on her first night here she felt a pressure on her chest and saw her bedcovers being pulled by unseen hands. The paranormal activity continued over next two nights, Vivian then discovered by accident that if she left the bedroom door open that activity stopped.

Poltergeist activity in the east wing has been witnessed with objects moving in front of people, staff have come in to the East wing in the morning and found objects stacked up. The ghosts of servants and workers have also been seen in the building and their presence felt. Sinister Dark shadow figures have also been witnessed throughout the building. It is also t thought by some that the author of ghost books is actually now a ghost himself and roams the hallways.

Event Plan

The evening will begin with an introductory talk. We will then hold short demonstrations on how to use our equipment, which  be yours to use throughout the evening. (No one will be expected to use equipment against their will, we respect the wishes of others).

We will then proceed with a lit walk around the location.

After gathering our equipment, we will investigate for ghostly activity. Paranormal experiments will be set up and carried out in various parts of the location.

Where to Meet

A member of staff will be at the Entrance to welcome you

What to Bring

Please wear comfortable shoes and dress very warm and casual. Please bring a torch, as sometimes we are in the pitch black.

Feel free to bring any equipment you wish, such as voice recorders, camcorders, cameras, or anything you feel would help you with the investigation, though this is not essential. Any personal belongings are brought entirely at your own risk. We encourage our guests to carry out their own experiments if they wish.

No need to bring any paperwork, as we have email confirmation of your payments.


Free refreshments will be available throughout the evening.


Photo's and video's will be taken throughout the event and may be used on Paranation pages.


On SiteParking


We do not operate a ticket system. A confirmation email will be sent to the email associated with your Paypal account. You will then be placed on our guest list and welcomed on the night.

Hope to see you there!! Any questions, please contact us:

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Events tend to sell out quickly. To secure your place/places please purchase via the 'Buy' button on the website: . We do not operate a ticket scheme. Once you have purchased your place/places a confirmation email will be sent to you from Paranation to the email address you used to purchase tickets. The email from Paranation will confirm your purchase.

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