Paranation invite you to join us for an evening of paranormal investigating with our first visit to this location - Wookey Hole Caves that date back 50,000 years!.


Wookey Hole Caves are a series of limestonecaverns, a show cave and tourist attraction in the village of Wookey Hole.

The caves have been used by humans for around 45,000 years, demonstrated by the discovery of tools from the Palaeolithic period, along with fossilised animal remains. Evidence of Stone and Iron Age occupation continued into Roman Britain


A skeleton of a witch who used to live in the caves has been found here. There isnt much documented on the spirits that haunt here, so it will be an exciting investigation seeing who we can communicate with.

Event Plan

The evening will begin with an introductory talk. We will then hold short demonstrations on how to use our equipment, which will be yours to use throughout the evening. (No one will be expected to use equipment against their will, we respect the wishes of others).

We will then proceed with a lit walk around the location.

After gathering our large range of equipment, we will investigate for ghostly activity. Paranormal experiments will be set up and carried out in various parts of the location.

Where to Meet

A member of staff will be at the Entrance to welcome you

What to Bring

It's very wet, uneven and damp underfoot, suitable footwear is essential. Please wear comfortable shoes and dress very warm and casual. Even in July it's going to be chilly in the Caves. Think gloves and scarfs and lots of warm layers. Please bring a torch, as sometimes we are in the pitch black.

Feel free to bring any equipment you wish, such as voice recorders, camcorders, cameras, or anything you feel would help you with the investigation. Any personal belongings are brought entirely at your own risk. We encourage our guests to carry out their own experiments if they wish.

No need to bring any paperwork, as we have email confirmation of your payments.


Free refreshments will be available throughout the evening.


Photo's and video's will be taken throughout the event and may be used on Paranation pages.


On Site Car Park


We do not operate a ticket system. A confirmation email will be sent to the email associated with your Paypal account. You will then be placed on our guest list and welcomed on the night.

Hope to see you there!! Any questions, please contact us:

Facebook: Paranation - Ghost Hunt Events
Mobile: 07428 713349

Events tend to sell out quickly. To secure your place/places please purchase via the 'Buy' button on the website: . We do not operate a ticket scheme. Once you have purchased your place/places a confirmation email will be sent to you from Paranation to the email address you used to purchase tickets. The email from Paranation will confirm your purchase.

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